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leave a comment and all that~ not asking for a novel. just let me know how you found me and we're chill.
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alright i'm going to come clean about this. due to security breaching, i've moved journals. i know i probably should've said something a while ago, but at the time i really couldn't afford to put my trust in everyone. so i apologize for worrying you. it was wrong to not say anything earlier but, again, at the time i really couldn't.

so i'll leave this up to you all. if you'd like to give me another chance, you can PM me at fleuret. if not, this is goodbye. i'm sorry, again, for not saying anything.
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Chie ♫ the dynamo of volition

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✿ Black Butler→ twenty six
✿ Clannad→ eight
✿ Higurashi no Naku Koro Ni→ forty
✿ Higurashi no Naku Koro Ni live action movie→ twelve
total: 86

the rest are herevaria
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Atoli ♫ y-yes?

icon post~

✿ Chaos;Head→ seventy nine
✿ Tales of Vesperia→ seventy seven
total: 156

the rest are herevaria
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Estellise ♫ her sweet surrender

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Full thing is here on megaupload. if you need a mirror, just ask. i should probably split the whole thing into disks too huh. since it's pretty big
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